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Improve how you operate your restaurant or bar!

 it was thought that 90% of restaurants fail in the first three years,
what were they thinking that number was severely off. The true failure
rates are 59% of restaurants fail in the first 3 years of doing

  • 26% the first year
  • 19% the second year
  • 14% the third year.

1 in 4 restaurants close or change hands in the first year of doing business. Over a 3 year span, the number of restaurants that close or change hands rises to 3 in 5. You are properly wondering why are these restaurants closing, or change hands within that 3 year period.

Restaurant Location plays a huge role in determining your restaurant future.  Some
restaurants, especially independently owned restaurants are not educated in finding the correct location for their new restaurant. First of all, you need accessibility to the restaurant, with enough parking spaces to accommodate your customers.  One of the biggest issues with finding the correct location is will possible customers visit your restaurant based on the restaurants style and menu.

You need to make sure analyze:

  • Demographic
  • Determining the target market
  • Income levels
  • Educational level
  • Crime rate

Do your homework, don’t guess where to open your business based on your gut feelings. Other reasons that restaurants failures are:

  • Low startup capital
  • Inconsistent food and service
  • Poor staffing
  • Manager training
  • Employee training

Workplace Wizards can help you achieve these obstacles.  It starts with you the restaurant owner or manager. Contact us today for your free restaurant consultation. You can fill out the email form below or you can call us.

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