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Welcome To The Property Examiners

If you’ve ever seen House Hunters or another real estate TV show, you’ve heard about the importance of home inspections. It’s crucial to know every detail about the state of the home before you buy or sell it.

Armed with our 14 years of experience inspecting homes, The Property Examiners Inc. can examine every inch of your home and provide a thorough report.

How an Inspection Works

During a house inspection in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we determine the state of your home’s plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing and electric work. We look for the age and state of these features and pinpoint any problems that may require attention before you buy or sell the home. We also look for the presence of dangerous substances like radon and mold.

After conducting our inspection, we issue a full report. We include digital photographs and receipts so that you, the buyers and sellers, the contractor, the insurance company and the real estate agent have full access to all necessary information. You can also meet with us for a consultation about our findings.

Benefits of a House Inspection in Lancaster, PA

Home inspections can save you thousands of dollars. If you know what problems are holding you back from selling your home—and you get those problems fixed—you can sell your home for a significantly higher price. Similarly, if you’re buying a home, a home inspection ensures that you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs right after you move into your new home.If you’re in need of a house inspection in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, count on The Property Examiners Inc. We’ve inspected many homes in the Lancaster area, which helps us know exactly what to look for. Plus, our owner is a qualified Master Inspector. Count on our experience and expertise for home inspections. Call us today!


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