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Solutions Auto Group has helped thousands of Oklahoman's with Easy Financing!
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Solutions Auto Group has helped thousands of Oklahoman's with Easy Financing!

We specialize in financing people, not selling cars!! If you have had previous repossessions, divorce, bankruptcy or even a doesn't matter! At Solutions Auto Group, we are interested in your future, not your past! All you need to obtain financing with us is proof of your income, residence and a valid Oklahoma drivers license - that is it!

If you've said to yourself, "I need a car, but I have bad credit. What kind of company finances people with bad credit or no credit?"Solutions Auto Group is your answer! Our, FOR THE PEOPLE, Credit Approval Process” is designed to GET YOU APPROVED in about 20 minutes!

A few reason's why you should finance with Solutions Auto Group:

A. We will report your credit to Trans Union!

B. 72 Hour Return & Trade Policy!

C. Free Warranty on ALL Certified Units!


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