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Victor Rogers - President

Since 1994, Victor’s experience in the marketing, advertising, print production, and direct mail industries has grown considerably year after year. He has enjoyed the privileged opportunity to assist many small and higher profile companies and organizations with various marketing, video, public relations and communication strategies and projects. His expertise in developing unconventional and cutting edge ideas and solutions provides his clientele with a high level of confidence that no matter the challenge, we will exceed expectations. It’s ultimately in the details and making a plan come together where he elevates his game above the competition.

“One of the most challenging endeavors that I ever undertook surrounded Team of Dreams – a reality TV show idea that I developed and pitched to, among others, NBC, USA Basketball and other entertainment entities. The marketing, PR and development of content really drove the engine to help us get in the door with a lot of potential partners. We continue to strive to make this show a reality for our country and realize that some ideas just take time.”

Amy Park - Director of Production

Amy manages production workflow and is ready to assist with a wide range of marketing, printing, direct mail and other communication needs. Her experience in so many diverse client requirements has proved to be an asset for so many. Her responsiveness and follow through is routinely commended and her knowledge base brings our clients the right solutions for virtually any project.

James Rollins - Art Director

James has a long-standing reputation as a highly regarded graphic designer and creative consultant. His expertise and innovative style is called upon to assist with marketing campaigns, corporate identity and high-end collateral needs and other unique projects. No matter the challenge or initiative, James is the right guy for any project – delivering a WOW factor times 10!

Kim Hine - Sr. Graphic Designer

Kim brings a wealth of experience and talent to our clients needs and assists with client creative, design and layout requirements and delivering the look that compels and convinces an audience. Kim has over 20 years of experience in the marketing/communications field and is renowned for her creative direction and graphic design talents across many industries.

Jim Crumley - Sr. Editor/Strategist

Jim delivers copy like nobody’s business. His writing style has reaped outstanding results across marketing, direct marketing and email strategies. Above all, Jim listens and is sure to stay on point with a client’s mission and messaging. His attention to detail in diving deep into a client’s mission has earned him much-deserved praise from marketing partners to organizational executives.

Patrick Mason - Director of Video

Patrick is an award winning commercial, music video, and documentary director. He has had films play in film festivals world wide where he has won numerous awards and accolades. Filmmaking began early for him, shooting movies with action figures and his parent’s home video camera. No matter what project he is on, from action figures or major brands, he brings unique blend of storytelling and compelling visuals.

Patricia Grigsby - Administrative Director

Pat assists with the administration, bookkeeping and operation requirements of STRIVE3. Her dedication and level of expertise has proven to be a valuable asset for our business and for our clients. She will always seek to find the right answers for our clients in the shortest amount of time. Connect with Pat with any questions regarding your account status.

Chad Haycox - Director of Technology & Innovation

Chad is all about high tech and innovation. Finding the right solutions or unique processes has been instrumental for our clients’ diverse needs. No challenge is too hard for him to absorb and overcome with extraordinary ideas and expert skill. His talents and knowledge base have become an all-important ingredient in determining success for many projects.

Esther Grace Ehrenman - Digital Editor and Strategist

Esther Grace is a graduate of Patrick Henry College. She has also has taken 16 credits of master’s-level courses at Harvard Extension School, including courses on Feature Writing and Writing for the Web. Her professional experience includes social media marketing across multiple channels, blogging, and content creation. Her passion for communication extends across all digital channels, including PR outreach.

STRIVE3 - The Rest of the Team

No matter your needs, we have an answer. Or, more specifically, we have the team to turn your ideas and goals into reality. From animators to web designers to workflow administrators that manage and perfect the process, our team members have the talent and experience that makes anything possible. Plus, our strategic partnerships provide a wealth of knowledge across almost every platform.


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