Red Roof Inn Roanoke Rapids

Stay close to local airports, Halifax Regional Medical Center and Roanoke Rapids Theatre! This inn provides free Wi-Fi, a pool and business center!
N 36° 43.031 W 77° 63.29
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When you stay at Red Roof Inn Roanoke Rapids you'll sleep near your next flight out of Halifax County Airport or the Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport! During your visit, explore the Roanoke Canal Museum, Roanoke Canal Trail, Roanoke Rapids Lake, Lake Gaston, Halifax Community College and the Roanoke Rapids Theatre. This inn also keeps you close to loved ones stationed at the U.S. Army National Guard and the Halifax Regional Medical Center! This inn provides free Wi-Fi, an extended cable package, seasonal swimming pool, business center, coin laundry and a snack center! Hot coffee and tea are provided in the lobby! One family pet per room is welcome at no additional cost.


Hours of Operation:
Open 24 hours

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