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Ray's Excavation Inc. is a full service general contractor ready to handle your emergency repairs, renovations or building project. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing service with special expertise in drains, sewers and excavation. No matter where your pipes lead to and what we find, we can repair or improve leaks, blockages and other issues.As a full service contractor we also handle HVAC (furnaces and AC), bricks and masonry, water heaters - basically anything involving the mechanical systems in your home or business.Ray is your one-stop contracting service to complete the project at a guaranteed price without the hassles of hiring and organizing multiple trades for one project.

Excavation and Drains

Plumbing is more than above-ground pipes and fixtures! To complete the job your contractor needs to understand what happens below the floor. That's where Ray's expert excavation and drain professionals shine. You could say our "above grade service" starts below the grade - that's where your drain problems need to be solved.

Plumbing & HVAC

If you need general contracting for your project, rely on Ray's years of experience and professional expertise and come to us. Hiring separate trades can be costly and cause problems with contractors who aren't a team. Ray coordinates plumbing, HVAC and other trades for an all-in, guaranteed price. The guaranteed performance is on Ray - your one-stop solution.

Painting Services

Whether you need painting services for your home or business, Ray's has years of experience of painting interiors and exteriors. Our painting results are guaranteed to last a long time and look visually appealing.

Power Washing

We provide our customers with professional power washing services. With our help, you can get your patio, deck, concrete or any other surface completely clean. We guarantee quick and effective service that will improve the visual appearance of your home or business.

Drywall Services

If you need drywall services for your home or company, we've got the equipment and the team to do the job. We provide full construction services that include drywalling. High-quality drywall services require expertise and experience, and our staff is fully qualified to work on projects of all types and sizes.

Green Tech Friendly

Ray's team can repair your existing systems or build new. With the latest technology in renewable and efficient energy, your operating costs will be kept to a minimum. Gas, oil, electricity and water bills aren't going down anytime soon! Let Ray build cost-saving efficiencies into your home or building.


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