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We are dedicated to weight loss in healthy natural ways. Usually one can expect to lose 4-7 inches through this process. We know how well our weight loss system works and it works every time. We encourage a healthy diet, healthy amount of exercise and the lipolight machine drains fat cells of their contents which then gets urinated out with the help of the lymphatic system. Dr. Fielding is very confident with this approach that works on each person. Call for a free consultation today!

Lipolight has 2 different frequencies with its LED light. One of the frequencies energizes the adipose (fat) cells and causes them to create small pores in the sides of the cells. This drains the cells of their contents such as amino acids and triglycerides among other things into the bloodstream. Then the patient is placed on a comfortable vibration plate for 10 minutes to stimulate the lymphatic (cleaning) system which cleans the blood of the contents of the fat cells. Then the content is simply urinated out. That is one reason why we encourage everyone to drink half of their body weight in ounces. For example, someone who weighs 200 lbs would drink at least 100 ounces of water per day.

Our weight loss system also includes nutritional advice. This is important so as to enhance the results of the lipolight machine. Another way to enhance the results of the lipolight is to exercise 30 min per day but is not required because there is a vibration plate to stand on for 10 min after the lipolight 20 min session.

Almost all of our patients experience instant changes in their waist just after the first session and the changes will continue to happen as time goes on. This is the best alternative to traditional liposuction. This is safe, effective, painless, and affordable. Come get healthy and lose weight with us today!


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