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Las Vegas is like no other place on earth! People from all over theglobe gather in this desert paradise to play, relax, and sight see.Yes, living in the desert is an experience like no other and over 3million visitors come to check it out each month!Vegas is more than just a great place to visit. It also happens to bea great place to live. Spring comes 2 months earlier than most placesin the country, the sunsets and thunderstorms are amazing, and thereis no shortage of fun things to do.Las Vegas is also home to some diverse wildlife as well. And thatwildlife also includes buglife. Ants, spiders, scorpions, crickets, rodents, and even termites. Yup, termites in the desert! ?You're obviously shopping around for someone to get rid of the bugs, rodents, and creeping things in your home or on your property. PestControl Las Vegas is your best choice. Look, we realize there aredozens and dozens of choices when you need an exterminator, so whychoose us?1) Our Scorpion Free Guarantee is included in the basic servicepackage. Most other companies charge you extra to take care ofscorpions. That's like charging you extra for the ice cream at an icecream shop! But with Pest Control Las Vegas it's included. And it's100% guaranteed. If you see any of these arachnids between visitswe'll come out and take care of them for no extra charge.2) Scorpions aren't the only thing we guarantee! Our 100% satisfactionguarantee covers a lot, is iron clad, and not going anywhere (kind oflike Trump's toupee). That means if you see any pests between visits, we'll come out and take care of the problem ASAP and at no additionalcharge. But we do such a great job creating a barrier around yourhome, that we doubt you'll even need to use our guarantee.3) Our customer service is different. Everyone says that, but whatdoes it really mean? Well, we believe that we are doing more than justtaking care of some bugs. We're helping to protect your greatestinvestment: your home/property! Plus, all of our employees receive thefinest training in the industry. We're friendly, efficient, andaffordable. Just check out our reviews!4) We've got a bunch of official sounding acronym's we can legally putby our name! We\'re certified by the U.S. department of Agriculture aswell as being I.P.M. compliant (one of the highest standards in thepest control industry).5) Our product is the highest quality you can find in the pest controlbusiness. We don't skimp when it comes to our product. That means thecritters will be exterminated quicker and stay away much longer.6) Our service agreement saves you a huge amount of money upfront andin the long run. Call us today to find out just how much money we willsave you.

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