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Mass Mosquito and Tick Control is a residential Mosquito and Tick Control company covering Bristol and Norfolk Counties. We strive to bring our customers the highest level of comfort and disease prevention offered in the industry with the personal touch of a smaller family owned company. Our low risk natural based products and application methods are quick, efficient, and affordable.

With many Mosquito and Tick Control options offered for both pests, we’re confident in our ability to create a plan to give homeowners the results they want at a cost they can afford. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Typical treatments take between 5 and 15 minutes and require about 10-30 minutes to dry before children and pets are free to enjoy their pest free yard. We use only low risk, natural based treatment options. Mosquito and Tick Control applications will vary by property but mainly consist of perimeter treatment along with common areas throughout the property.


What’s will be used in the spray?

We use a combination of low risk natural, organic oil blends and synthetic products to combine a contact kill effect and a strong deterrent.

Do I need to be home?

No you do not. You’ll be alerted the day before by phone or email of our visit and the details of each visit will be left in either email or paper form.

Do I need to wait to use my yard after a treatment?

It’s recommended to wait 10-30 minutes after an application to allow the products to dry. Afterward family and pets are free to enjoy their tick and mosquito free property

How frequently do you apply?

Our standard mosquito application is every 10-20 days with tick about every month and a half, but schedules will differ based on weather and protection plan purchased.

How long does a spray take?

Typically only 5-15 minutes. Optimal results will be achieved after the 2nd and 3rd application.

Is there an odor

Yes there will be a noticeable smell soon after each application on behalf of some natural products we use but once dry the odor dissipates and is unnoticeable.

What if it rains?

On rain days treatments will be held off. However, once dry the products are able to withstand the elements to a reasonable degree.


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