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Make a difference and make a green choice today by eliminating plastic water bottles in the home and office by choosing stylish and environmentally friendly Stefani Water Purifiers. Hand-made in clay with replaceable biodegradable ceramic water filters. 

Our Mission 

• Reduce use of bottled water responsible for environmentally hazardous waste. 
• Improve the quality of your drinking water in the kitchen using natural and cost effective solutions 

Why Stefani Water Filters? 
• Stefani Water Filters are a natural alternative to other gravity based counter-top or fridge solutions. 
• Water is held in clay chambers hand-made by skilled potters. 
• The clay keeps water cooler by 10-15 degrees than room temperature. 
• This is a proven solution for keeping water fresh used over hundreds of centuries by civilizations around the world and still used in South America, India, and some parts of Europe. 
• Long lasting replaceable ceramic filters that last up to 6 months or 700 litres of consumption. Popular solutions in the supermarkets, offer replacement filters that last only up to 6 weeks. 
• The ceramic wall on the replacement filters offer superior filtration of 0.5 microns which is like a fraction of a particle of sand. This removes most impurities from your water not offered by popular solutions. 
• Chlorine is removed by granular carbons made from coconut shells. 
• It does not remove fluoride, and further research will show that fluoride removing solutions are very cost prohibitive. 
Detailed information on the filtration is available on our site at is operated by Lifespices, distributor of eco-friendly, Stefani water filters that require no electrical power and reduces use of plastic water bottles in homes and cottages and thereby reducing environmentally hazardous waste! 

Used worldwide for its excellence in design and water purifying qualities in countries like US, England, Australia, South Africa, Peru and others. Respected and used extensively by NGOs for an affordable solution to provide clean water to under-privileged areas of the world.


Stefani Linea, Stefani Pure Design, Ceramic Replacement Filters, Float Valves, Taps

Stefani Water Purifiers and Filters

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