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Keep more money in your wallet.

We perform every job in-house. That saves you money. Many other local countertop companies specialize in one aspect of the process. They may do the installation and outsource fabrication. They might fabricate counters but lack the expertise to edge. Every part of the process that isn’t in-house inflates the cost. We do it all. You’ll never pay for us to sub-contract. You’ll always get the most affordable stone countertops Phoenix has to offer.

Get a faster turnaround.

We work with a wide range of local stone suppliers. We always have a diverse range of options on hand. Our in-house processes keep everything running smoothly. You won’t have to worry about miscommunication or the other problems that come with sub-contracting. All it takes is a single phone call to get an estimate. We’ll determine you projected costs based on countertop size and stone type.

Choose a stone counter; enjoy these benefits!

Natural strength

Stone is one of the strongest materials availble. It’s natural formaiton under great pressure and heat makes it incredibly durable. Stone counters can last the lifetime of your home ownership without losing their value like laminate.

Heat resistant

Stone counters are heat and germ resistant. This makes preparing food even easier because some stone types can hold up to heat from pans right off the stove. Cleaning is as easy as a wipe with a sponge and some soapy water.

Custom made

Every countertop is unique, but certain materials like Quartz allow for even greater customization. We can mix specific colors, materials, and mineral types to create the perfect look for your home. Every counter we install is cut to fit and edged how you like it.


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