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I had been overweight for as long as I could remember. At age 18 I weighed 303 lbs. It was spring semester, senior year of high school, rugby season. I remember showing up to practice and barely being able to move.

Our warm up was a jog to the practice field, which alone seemed like a feat to accomplish. It was at this point when I realized something needed to change. The first thing I knew I needed to change was the way I ate. Eating all I could eat just because it was available was no longer an option. I had to cut my portion size.

By the time summer came around I had dropped back down to 280 lbs. I rejoined the Under 19 All-Star rugby team, and after competing in a national tournament I was offered scholarships to a few large universities. Middle Tennessee State University seemed to be the right place for me.

At MTSU, the rugby coach told me that I would start the games, but that he would be forced to take me out after 25 minutes because he didn't think I had the cardiovascular endurance to play a full, high-level match. Having the coach pull me out of matches early was all I needed to motivate myself to get fit.

By the end of my freshmen year I was down to 260 lbs. And by my sophomore year I was down another twenty pounds. Over the next four years I maintained my weight and began to focus on building muscle.

In the summer of 2008, I had knee surgery which resulted in the end of my high-level rugby career. Knowing that 240 lbs. was bigger than I needed to be, I dropped another 10 lbs. of fat.

I graduated college weighing 230 lbs. and moved to Atlanta to work as an account executive for AT&T. While working there, I was approached by a talent agent to do some fitness modeling. The modeling opportunity motivated me to lose another ten pounds bringing me down to 220 lbs.

During this time, I decided to leave Corporate America and focus my attention on my passion; personal training. I wanted to help people achieve the same goals that I had.

For the past three years, I've maintained a weight of 218-228 lbs. My balanced lifestyle leaves me happy with what I see in the mirror.


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