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Welcome to Evanbaum Courier & Errand Services. A new Fort Lauderdale courier, catering to the Tri-county area. Our main focus is serving the PET & SENIOR Community. We are about family service, trustworthiness, efficiency and building long last relationships. We don’t think twice about going above and beyond to serve our customers to cultivate their success. All our services are geared towards our clients’ convenience and we are always open to a more customized courier package.

We at Evanbaum also offer errand services for your ever changing needs especially SENIORS. We are happy to transport one individual owner & pets from Miami Beach all the way to Jupiter. For your pet’s safety and comfort, our SUV’s are fully air-conditioned, fully fitted out and spacious. Our Pet Services include:

Pet Food Delivery where we meet ALL your Home Deliveries for your pet’s favorite treats, supplies and NEEDS (especially medication).

Vet Trips – Evanbaum takes great pleasure in taking your pet to the vet/specialist for that very important appointment which also include one person/human to accompany their pet. This should be clearly stated when booking the pick-up. Another clear advantage of using Evanbaum Taxi/Errand we pick up all veterinary medications and specially prescribed food and deliver them to your home.
Similarly, if a ramp is required for your pet, please inform us.

Airport Transfers – Evanbaum Errand picks up and drops off your pet(s) and one individual/owner to the airport or any destination you so desire.

Transfer of pets from Quarantine location to be safely taken to your destination of choice.

Memorable/Special Occasions – taking the time to properly organize your pets arrival for that special photo opts event that’s what we do best.

Groomers, Day Care – Pet Hotels & Spa Trips pick ups and drop offs of pets safely and comfortably to and from your destination.


Pet Food Delivery, Vet Trips, Airport Transfers, Transfers Of Pets, Memorable/Special Occasion Transportation, Groomers/Day Care Transportation

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By Appointment Only

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MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Check, Cash


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