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Elegant Homes Design-Build was founded by Kevin Huttman in 2016. Kevin has been a home builder/residential general contractor doing specifically remodel/addition projects along with new custom built homes since May 1988. 
After witnessing repeatedly a TOTAL MISALIGNMENT OF estimated build costs during the ENTIRE bidding process to what was designed, from architectural firm to architectural firm.
He finally concluded this was being cleverly done with intent, in order to capture your business, since there lacked a financial link between doing only the design, through architectural firms and the build being performed by builders.
So Kevin thought there has to be a better way. His goal for being DESIGN-BUILD is essentially two-fold. First, to provide a more seamless streamlined approach to the entire building process where ALL your building needs can be found under one business umbrella, thereby saving you time.
Secondly to fix a misused deceptive, broken bidding process where ethical and honest business practices can shine. If you would like to know more and be TRULY ENLIGHTENING about what truly occurs during YOUR design and bidding of your project, then you MUST read the "About Us" section and "Our Business" section at eleganthomesdesignbuild.com. It may be a lengthy read, but will clearly open your eyes to what is truly occurring at many architectural firms to capture your business.


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