A Latte More Than Coffee

(303) 670-7808

PO Box 237
Evergreen, CO 80437-0237

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... An Expresso Bar.
Here at A Lane More Than Coffee we are proud to serve you.
organically grown coffee. Our beans are grown in the high mountain.
lava soils in Costa Rica. the beans are roasted locally to insure you.
freshness and full flavor. We have selected choice Arabic


Espresso diluted with hot water.. Centrally Located

100% Organic Coffee. Whole Bean or Fresh Ground. Hot Drinks. Fresh Brewed Coffee. Cafe au Lait. 1/2 fresh brewed coffee, 1/2 steamed milk.. Shot & Double Shot of Espresso. MacChiato. Espresso topped with a spoonful of dense foam.. Cappuccino. Espresso topped with a cap of dense foa

Languages Spoken